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International Exhibition for Agriculture,
Livestock and Agribusiness
From May 20 TO 23, 2024
Exhibition Center
SAFEX - Algiers - Algeria
Exhibition Center SAFEX - Algiers - Algeria

FIFAVIC - The Europe Maghreb Poultry Industry Forum


Poultry farming has become a very important industry today, requiring considerable investment, both intellectual and financial. It is on this modern industry that the yield of poultry production has been able to develop. The old poultry industry has been replaced by an industrial activity that uses the most advanced technologies in the field of refrigeration, physics and mechanics to develop, manufacture, preserve and distribute new presentations of poultry products and derivatives.
  1. The organisation and control of the value chain, determining elements of the commercial competitiveness of companies
  2. Investment in the Maghreb: Barriers and Opportunities
  3. Europe's leading poultry countries are examples to follow
  4. Dependence of the Maghreb on the external market for concentrated poultry feed
  5. Extension and technical support to farmers are reliable means to reduce deficiencies in poultry farming techniques in the Maghreb
  6. Diversification of poultry products (guinea fowl, ducks, ostrich, etc.)

Themes addressed in the forum

  • Thème 1. Investment as a lever for the development of the dairy sector
  • Thème 2. Nutrition and feeding of dairy cows
  • Theme 3. Reproduction, insemination and genetics of dairy cattle
  • Thème 4. The role of services (insurance, banks and training centres) in the development of the dairy sector
  • Thème 5. Prophylaxis, hygiene and environmental control
  • Thème 6. Management of livestock buildings and equipment for dairy cattle

Key dates to remember

  • 31 January 2022: Deadline for submission of paper proposals (abstracts)
  • 05 February 2022: Response from the Scientific Committee
  • 10 Février 2022 : Dépôt des articles complets pour publications sur le MAGVET (pour les soumissions les plus intéressantes)

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