International Exhibition for Agriculture,
Livestock and Agribusiness
May 22 TO 25, 2023
Exhibition Center
SAFEX - Algiers - Algeria
Exhibition Center SAFEX - Algiers - Algeria

Agriculture in Algeria

Algeria: at the heart of a buoyant market in full agricultural revival


  • 10 % of the nation’s GDP comes from agriculture
  • 41.4 Mha million hectares of agricultural land (17.4% of the territory)
  • 8,5Mha million hectares of Utilised Agricultural Land (UAL)
  • More1million of farms
  • 95% of the agricultural equipment needs come from imports
  • 25% of the working population employed by this sector
  • Increase in agricultural production since the launch of the National Agricultural and Rural Development Programme (PNDAR) and the agricultural and rural economy regeneration policy


2015-2019 – The new Government Action Plan, prioritising the development of domestic agriculture and the promotion of agricultural products, has the following aims:

  • Investing in food security, improving quality, diversifying and developing local products. In this context, it is planned that the financial support of the State for agricultural and rural development will increase from 200 billion dinars at present, to 300 billion dinars per year for the new five-year period
  • Develop the irrigation system: the irrigated areas will be doubled to reach, by 2019, 25% of cultivated land, i.e. 2 million hectares under irrigation.
  • Promote mechanisation of production to overcome the lack of agricultural labour
  • Respond to the important needs in 10 priority sectors The increase in productivity in strategic sectors such as cereals, red meats, dairy products and pulses is at the centre of the priorities for the next five years (creation of companies, favouring links with world leaders mastering the technology and the markets, improvement of the business climate)
  • Infrastructure development
  • Promote the transmission of know-how and R&D

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