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Agriculture, Livestock
and Agro-industry Show
From 26 TO 29 May 2025
Exhibition Center
SAFEX - Algiers - Algeria
Exhibition Center SAFEX - Algiers - Algeria

The Chairman's Editorial – 2023 Edition

Cepsa Exhibition - Falaha 2023 in the colors of innovation!

The unmissable meeting of agricultural news, the Sipsa Filaha Innov show will be held from May 22 to 25, 2023at SAFEX, at Pins Maritimes. As usual, it will be spread over the five pavilions, as agricultural news and the food question are of crucial importance.

Traditionally oriented towards agriculture, livestock and fishing, the SIPSA 2023 show is renewing itself in many ways. First, let's note an innovation with the organization, at the same time as SIPSA, The processing sector is "the engine" of an agricultural sector and integrating it into the conceptual system of the SIPSA-AGROFOOD show reflects a more assertive awareness of the dynamics of valuation which characterize the approach by sector as a methodology for progress. of agriculture as the country's leading economic force after hydrocarbons.

On the other hand, this first edition of the Afrika Agrofood exhibition within this 21st edition of SIPSA is painted in African colors this year.

The guest of honor is Senegal with the expected presence of a large delegation from ECOWAS countries who will be keen to present to the Algerian market business opportunities in Senegal but also the potential for imports from these countries in a resolutely south-south orientation. south of pan-African trade. The head of this delegation will be the Senegalese Minister of Agriculture, country of honor of the 21st edition of SIPSA; which indicates the importance attached by Senegal to the bilateral relationship with our country.

This approach is all the more fruitful, as the section Afrika Agrofood from the show will be exported to Dakar from December 2023 to bring with it all Algerian operators interested in marketing their agri-food products to this continental sub-region.

Another innovation of this edition of SIPSA-FILAHA , l’organisation de la première édition de of DJAZAQUA, trade show for fishing and fish production, fish farming and aquaculture due to an undeniable maturation of this sector and its increasingly important to our country's food security..

New operators have become heavily involved in fish production to the point of introducing the most modern and promising techniques in order to ensure progressive and constant growth in this specific sector which deserves special attention and therefore a maturation fair. .

 It is for this reason that the SIPSA will contribute to highlighting them in order to encourage new vocations in strengthening a dynamic and promising activity.

Innovation is also part of the incubation carried out by SIPSA, which this year takes on an African dimension. The Africa SIPSA-innov award Sid Ahmed Ferroukhi competition while paying tribute to the late Algerian Minister of Agriculture puts the imagination of young African talents at the service of continental agriculture..

The Covid 19 crisis and the Russian-Ukrainian war have more than ever highlighted the fragilities caused by the food issue at the continental level and Africa's great dependence on this essential issue. The definitely African orientation of the Filaha Innov incubator towards agritech is an answer to these questions.

 Of course in a traditional way we will find the main themes of the most important agricultural event in the Maghreb. Each year, it brings together professionals from agriculture, agri-mechanism, agri-food industries as well as all trades related to the blue economy (fishing, aquaculture, fish farming).

This first-class agricultural meeting will offer the 25,000 professionals who visit the show its three versions, namely Filaha (agriculture and machinery), Afrika-agrofood (agri-food) and Djazaqua (fishing & fish production).

Agriculture, established as a strategic national priority by the President of the Republic, is the place where all the efforts of the actors involved in it converge..

The SIPSA -filaha & Agrofood aims to be one of the catalysts for such synergy. We will achieve this all the better if the Show will welcome companies from the forefront of performance agriculture and those that position themselves at its service, capable of having a real impact on the general productivity of our sector.

Big names of this new agriculture of new Algeria will of course be present whether they are called Cosider Agrico, of new Algeria will of course be present whether they are called Cosider Agrico, Sonatrach Agro-Food Activities or Madarr and many others from the agriculture of anonymous, meritorious and prolonged effort at the service of our power of empowerment.

The SIPSA-Filaha & Agrofood forums will punctuate the show with a remarkable presence of the FAO which will lead a panel on millet, an annual plant promoted cereal of the year by the UN and which is particularly adapted to climate change; which will force us to better rethink the choice of our cereal growing system.

Durum wheat will also be the subject of all attention as it is a response in line with our diet and the nature of our soils. The PHYTOFERTI durum wheat forum will also echo the concerns of professionals in this strategic sector expressed during the day devoted to durum wheat under the dynamic organization of the CREA with the active participation of the GRFI (Filaha Innov Reflection Group) .

 It is indeed this "think tank" of Algerian agriculture that will animate all SIPSA forums to open debates on the reasoned chemistry of soils with the active collaboration of Asmidal, to discuss the fishing plan of the Ministry of agriculture, examine Saharan and mountain agriculture without forgetting steppe farming and also present the opportunities that are opening up to the modernity of our agri-food sector in the direction of Africa.

SIPSA 2023 is more than ever in tune with the concerns of the farming world.. It aims to be a showcase for the dynamic actors of smart Algerian agriculture, presenting each year the developments in the sector in order to support the meetings of all kinds that take place in this show more than ever at the service of our food autonomy.

Dr amine Bensemmane

President of GRFI Filaha innov

President of the SIPSA-Filaha & Agrofood Fair

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