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Agriculture, Livestock
and Agro-industry Show
From May 20 TO 23, 2024
Exhibition Center
SAFEX - Algiers - Algeria
Exhibition Center SAFEX - Algiers - Algeria

CIt is the agro-food industries that push agricultural production upwards by stimulating the demand for basic agricultural raw materials. In order to meet Africa's food needs, the processing sector plays a fundamental role in the growth of agricultural production. In some cases, the Agri-Food Industries put in place effects of crowding out basic raw materials that are too exclusively export-oriented to better channel them to national markets. Thus additional value chains are injected locally supporting internalized growth that is more pro table to all.

Cette nouvelle dynamique peut aboutir à la réalisation de leviers de croissance au profit des Nations africaines qui se lancent intelligemment dans l’Afrika Agrofood. Ce sont ces tendances qu’il s’agit de repérer, d’encourager afin de rendre l’Afrique plus autonome sur le plan de sa sécurisation alimentaire en mettant en place ; là où cela est possible ; de telles réalisations. C’est l’Afrika Agrofood attitude !


MONDAY, MAY 22, 2023 (AFTERNOON) 1st day of conferences

Conference room – DAR EL DJAZAIR, Exhibition Center – Safex



  • Chiraz Bensemmane GRFI PWF


A. Panel: a market with continental dimensions

I. The regulatory and legal framework: the implementation of Zlecaf (Said. Djellab, past trade minister).

II. Investment opportunities in Senegal (Apix, Senegalese delegation).

III. The evolution of globalized branding in the food industry (GS1)

B. Panel: support for the Algerian State for exports to West Africa

I. Comparative analysis of the Algerian economy (Pr Djamal Belmihoub, past Minister of Prospective).

II. The effort on infrastructure towards West Africa (Ministry of Air / Sea / Land Transport).

III. The beverage sector ready for export to West Africa (Mr Ali Hamani President of APAB)

CPanel: the efforts of public and private companies towards CDAO countries

1- Bank support

I. Banking support

Algerian bank branches in Senegal: BNA-BEA-BADR-CPA

II. Tasdir, an export platform open to Africa (Ali Ferrah, DG Tasdir)

III. Confirmed international experience from an export success story (Mr Chakib Boublenza)

IV. AFRIKAFOOD Africanization of trade platform at SIAGRO ( Mr Badiane Abdoulaye, SIAGRO - AMTRADE & Dr Amine Bensemmne , SIPSA- AFRIKAFOOD)

2 - Signature of the GRFI / TASDIR agreement *

3 - Signature GRFI /AMETRADE salons AFRIKAFOOD / SIAGRO (Senegal)

18h00 :

Cocktail networking

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