International Exhibition for Agriculture,
Livestock and Agribusiness
May 22 TO 25, 2023
Exhibition Center
SAFEX - Algiers - Algeria
Exhibition Center SAFEX - Algiers - Algeria

SIAFIL-EXPORT - Forum on fruit and vegetables, market gardening and arboriculture for export


The fruit and vegetable sector is a multi-faceted sector, with a large number of players involved, a wide range of fruit and vegetable species, different production methods for the fresh market and for processing, different marketing methods and different levels of professional and inter-professional organization. The SIAFIL-EXPORT forum focuses its efforts on bringing together the different actors of the fruit and vegetable sector in order to identify the constraints encountered in the latter, to develop a common strategy and to agree on a platform of interventions. For this edition the forum SIAFIL-EXPORT will focus on the challenge of exporting Algerian fruits and vegetables: the objective is to draw up a report on the issue of Algerian exports in the field of fruits and vegetables. We aim, thus to trace the strengths and weaknesses of our companies in this area, as well as to trace some initiatives from innovative companies. The forum is open for this edition to communications related to the theme of export of Algerian fruits and vegetables and integrating especially in one of the following topics: Translated with (free version)

Themes addressed in the forum

  • Thème 1. Upgrading the fruit and vegetable sector and derivatives in the Maghreb
  • Thème 2. Difficulties of Maghreb SMEs in the field of export. Why opt for the export consortium?
  • Thème 3. Niche and terroir products, potentialities and offer of Algeria
  • <Theme 4. The European Union is the largest market in the world, how Maghrebian companies could use the "Export Helpdesk" tool to optimise their exports to the EU
  • Theme 5. The severe test of international competition requires Maghreb companies not to limit themselves to the European market in their export prospecting and to consider all market opportunities
  • Theme 6. About 95% of the raw materials used in the composition of beverages are imported, Algeria depends entirely on the external market for this industry, despite the fact that great potential exists for the development of arboriculture fruit industry, the main source of raw materials used in the composition of drinks.

Key dates to remember

  • 31 January 2022: Deadline for submission of paper proposals (abstracts)
  • 05 February 2022: Response from the Scientific Committee
  • 10 Février 2022 : Dépôt des articles complets pour publications sur le MAGVET (pour les soumissions les plus intéressantes)

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