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Agriculture, Livestock
and Agro-industry Show
From May 20 TO 23, 2024
Exhibition Center
SAFEX - Algiers - Algeria
Exhibition Center SAFEX - Algiers - Algeria

The Chairman's Editorial – 2022 Edition

We are back… !!

Dear exhibitors, Dear visitors,

SIPSA turns 20, the age of strength, of youth! 20 years of effort alongside FILAHA & AGROFOOD, to take a confident look at the future of the immense agricultural potential of our country.

This symbolic anniversary is celebrated at a special time. At the national level, the election of the President of the Republic, Si Abdelmadjid Tebboune, in December 2019 saw the affirmation of an inversion of the logics at work until now.

Agriculture is becoming a national priority as food security is now elevated, in the 54 commitments of the President of the Republic, to the rank of a directive with strategic parity with that of our energy security.

Internationally; the financial crisis of 2008 with its consequences on the increase in the cost of agricultural raw materials, that of Covid-19 resulting in the collapse of fossil fuel prices and the news of geopolitical transitions expressing the continuous realignment of the globalized value chains of materials first agricultural; opened their eyes to the world.

The acceleration of the effects of climate change which is expressed in Algeria by visible desertification and water stress now evident for all, pushes us to reflect even more rigorously on the agricultural act.

Our sector is attractive to investors. Each year, it draws a development dynamic towards many sectors inspired by the agricultural renewal program expressed by FILAHA since 2012.

We must continue to deepen and adjust this vision of agriculture to the evolution of the now global issues. This is the whole meaning of the GRFI “FILAHA INNOVE” which highlights agricultural innovation with a view to the introduction of new technologies on the theme

« “Smart agriculture, facing the challenge of sustainable food and health security”. In this context, the 2nd SIPSA INNOV’ competition calls on start-ups, researchers, academics, research centers and farmers to innovate in all directions.

We are convinced that the use of new digital technologies opens promising perspectives for “smart agriculture”.

However, technology as brilliant as it is, can never replace “an agriculture of reflection” in adaptation to our pedoclimatic conditions to change our farming practices and open up to new paradigms of regenerative agriculture, its proposals in tune with the most advanced advances in animal and plant biotechnology.

By highlighting the theme of sustainability as it is now understood by advances in life sciences,

The SIPSA exhibition continues its contribution to identifying the most appropriate strategies to increase the productivity and resilience of crops. In doing so, we are working to continue consolidating the bases of our food security, which is the focus of Algerian national policy in this area. This is how you should understand the forums organized by the GRFI Filaha innov on the sidelines of the SIPSA-FILAHA show

SIPSA-FILAHA & Agrofood 2022

AGRO-ECO:International Forum of Agroecology, Horticultural Environment and Sustainable Development will bring together actors involved in agroecology, organic farming and other local products, Saharan agriculture , steppe and mountain, the preservation of seeds, agrotourism and the enhancement of the environment and natural spaces in urban areas.

SIAFIL AGROFOOD -EXPORT :Interprofessional Forum on the Valorization of Agricultural Products from Fruits and Vegetables for Export, and their transformation in agro-industry will focus on the strengths and weaknesses of our companies in the field of fruit and vegetable exports and will highlight the role of logistics and certification in the development of exports in anticipation of opening up to Africa and its ZLECAF (African Continental Free Trade Area).

DJAZAQUA : Fisheries and Fisheries Production Forum will present the roadmap, perspectives and challenges for effective management of fisheries resources.

The poultry and dairy interprofessions will be there, respectively at the FIPLAIT and FIFAVIC forums, to discuss issues of regulation and price structures in this volatile market, exposed to fluctuations in the international market.


SIPSA & FILAHA-AGROFOOD, through its role as a platform for exchanges and exhibition, participates in the maturation of the development of Agriculture in New Algeria.

President Si Abdelmadjid Tebboune has rightly put,  emphasized the development of agricultural products in agro-industry, the development of Saharan, steppe and mountain agriculture, innovation and smart agriculture as focal points of national agricultural policy.

It is SIPSA's duty to contribute to the development of the agricultural sector, of the living countryside, as we are convinced that the only worthwhile agricultural transformation is that of enlightened peasant action.

Other challenges await our 20th anniversary.

The organisation of agricultural sectors and niches for export, the important issues of setting up certification, standardisation and logistics in order to approach international markets with confidence.

The SIPSA-FILAHA EXPORT will represent Algerian agricultural and agri-food production for export, in the dynamics of the FTAA. Our approach will always be in line with the government's strategy, which is implemented by the Ministry of Trade.

The objective is to present a plural offer, capable of boosting our agricultural and agri-food exports, as part of the construction of a sustainable and regenerative agricultural ecosystem of which AGROFOOD is the catalyst.

It is in this perspective that SIPSA-FILAHA to celebrate its 20th anniversaryA major development, AGROFOOD- AFRIKA, which will enhance the value of national agricultural production upstream and its processing in the agro-industry downstream for the benefit of Sahelian and African agricultural development.

I would like to thank you, dear exhibitors and partners respectively, for your trust and unwavering support and dear visitors who are eager to see the return of SIPSA. I wish you a successful exhibition and look forward to seeing you in May 2023, for a new professional and friendly edition of SIPSA-FILAHA.

Dr Amine Bensemmane                                            

President of SIPSA & Filaha Innov'.

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