SIPSA-FILAHA launches a new sector AGROFOOD, in order to meet the challenge of adding value to agricultural products through packaging and the processing industry

AGROFOOD a new link
complementary to SIPSA-FILAHA

Via its new sector AGROFOOD, SIPSA FILAHA , integrates into its offer a key industrial sector whose activity involves the development of specific technologies that make it possible to enhance the better agricultural products.

The enhancement and processing of agricultural products an opportunity to be seized for Algeria

The enhancement and processing of local agricultural products is a real opportunity to be seized for the To increase and diversify its economy and fully exploit its potential for agricultural production.

AGROFOOD a new offer for export niches to rationalize surplus agricultural production and offset the deficit in processing units.

Overproduction of certain agricultural products , in Algeria, is penalized by the lack of processing units. Companies must invest in new technologies in terms of equipment and supplies and acquire the know-how necessary to optimize the productivity and profitability of their productions, given the current demand on the local market and the potential for export of Algerian agricultural products.

All needs for the enhancement and processing of Algerian agricultural products are covered by AGROFOOD

Innovation at the service of the valuation and transformation of agricultural products

With the SIPSA INNOV ‘competition, innovation is at the heart of AGROFOOD

Initiated to promote intelligent and sustainable agriculture, the competition brings together talents and skills from various backgrounds (SIPSA-FILAHA exhibitors and co-exhibitors, young researchers, academics, professionals, and start-up managers, farmers, etc.).

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