Salon international de l'agriculture,
de l'élevage et de l'agro-industrie
Du 22 AU 25 mai 2023
Palais des expositions
SAFEX - Alger - Algérie
Palais des expositions SAFEX - Alger - Algérie


SIPSA-FILAHA & AGROFOOD is organized by EXPOSIA Algeria and its partners, an Algerian company from the CHVC El Fayet & Expovet group, has been a leader in the organization of agricultural events in Algeria for 20 years: SIPSA-FILAHA, an annual fair supported by institutions & by FILAHA Innove Foundation and professionals in the agricultural sector.

Advised by international partners such as The Comexposium group organizing SIMA – SITEVI – SIA one of the world leaders in the organization of agricultural events.

Editorial by Dr Amine BENSEMMANE, President of the SIPSA-FILAHA & AGROFOOD fair:

« Faced with increasing local demand for agri-food needs, increasing the productivity of the agricultural sector is a vital necessity. There are considerable possibilities for intensifying and improving productivity in agriculture. spirit that the SIPSA comes at the right time to give birth to the largest Algerian professional exhibition dedicated to breeding and agro-equipment in the Maghreb and in Africa. […] « 

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