Salon international de l'agriculture,
de l'élevage et de l'agro-industrie
Du 22 AU 25 mai 2023
Palais des expositions
SAFEX - Alger - Algérie
Palais des expositions SAFEX - Alger - Algérie


Innovation Award

Recognized as the largest trade show dedicated to livestock and agricultural equipment in Africa, the 19th edition of SIPSA-FILAHA will see the launch of an innovative initiative at through the organization of the SIPSA Innov’ competition.

This is an opportunity to seize to promote and make known your new products or services to the specialized press, visitors and all professionals.

1st successful edition for agricultural start-ups!

For the first time, SIPSA hosted a space entirely dedicated to agricultural start-ups. Located in the Central Hall, this space called « The attic of innovations » received a very favorable reception.


1st Prize – Agricultural Production Systems category

Med Riad Yagoubi

Project: NetH is an intelligent environment control system for livestock, poultry, cattle or fish farms, developed

with the aim of improving production. Indeed, this control is used to optimize the operation of equipment, such as extractors or heaters, through

information provided via sensors for temperature, humidity, Ammonia gas, etc…

2nd Prize – Valuation Category

Ayad Redjeb

Project:Valorization of camel slaughter waste: extraction of gelatin from the skin.

Identify a new source of Halal-compliant gelatin that plays a vital role in the food and pharmaceutical industries

3rd Prize – Sustainable Agriculture Category

Samir Mohdeb

Project:Multi-purpose biopesticide.

Manufacture of pesticides from plants – Eliminate the use of chemical insecticides and offer safe products.

2019, SIPSA Innov’ Hope Awards

1st Hope – enhancement category

Mohammed El Amine Bentaallah

Project: Algo-Filaha for the cultivation of microalgae (spirulina). Spirulina is a blue algae (cyanobacteria) with multiple uses in the food industry,

very rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Used in food supplement, health products and ingredients. The final product is a powder which,

in the second stage of this project, will be integrated into chicken feed as a small dose food supplement in the classic feed.

2nd Hope – Valuation Category

Thiziri Idir

Project: GROW is a startup that wants to start breeding insects in order to save the water source, valorize food residues, and put an end to

to the significant rise in livestock feed prices and their instability.

3rd Hope – Agricultural Production Systems Category

Mourad Brahami

Project: FITO, Mobile Application, allows Farmers to find or buy agricultural inputs with geolocation after choosing from a database

of data with smart filter.

The autonomy of the farmer on the choice of the product to be used. Visibility of products at the seed store for companies throughout the territory.

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