Salon international de l'agriculture,
de l'élevage et de l'agro-industrie
Du 22 AU 25 mai 2023
Palais des expositions
SAFEX - Alger - Algérie
Palais des expositions SAFEX - Alger - Algérie


SIAFIL-EXPORT – Forum on Fruits and Vegetables, gardening & arboriculture for export.

07>10 October 2019 – Exhibition Center – SAFEX ALGERIA

Will be held alongside the SIPSA-FILAHA show.

PANEL EXPORT Interprofessional Forum on Fruits and Vegetables. This forum focuses its efforts to rbing together the different stakeholders of the Fruit and vegetable sector in order to identify the constraints encountered in the latter, standardization, international regulation to develop a common strategy for the export niches and the organization of logistics platforms.

For this edition, the forum is open to papers dealing with the theme of the export of Algerian fruit and vegetable and aligned especially one of the following topics.

Themes addressed within the forum

  1. Standardizing the fruits & vegetables sectors and its derivatives in the Maghreb region
  2. Maghreb SMEs’ challenges in the filed of export. Why choose to be in an export consortium?
  3. Niche and terroir products, potentialities and offer of Algeria.
  4. The European Union is the largest market in the world, how Maghreb companies could use the tool « Export Help desk » to optimize their exports to the EU.
  5. About 95% of the incoming raw materials in beverage composition are imported, Algeria depends entirely on the external market for this industry, although there is great potential for the development of fruit growing, the main source of raw materials going into the composition of drinks.

Key dates to remember

15 August 2019: Deadline for submission of communication proposals (abstracts)

05 September 2019: Response of the Scientific Committee

10 September 2019: Filing of full articles for MAGVET publications (for the most interesting submissions).

The abstracts, in a word document should be sent electronically to: and

Papers will be submitted for an evaluation by the Scientific Committee. The deadline for submission of proposals is August 15th, 2019. The authors of the selected papers will be informed before September 5th 2019 by email. Only two papers will be published on MAGVET. The Scientific Committee will be informing the concerned authors in order to write the complete articles.

Participation for the SIAFIL Forum

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SIAFIL-EXPORT – Forum for Fruit and Vegetables, Market gardening and arboriculture for export