Salon international de l'agriculture,
de l'élevage et de l'agro-industrie
Du 22 AU 25 mai 2023
Palais des expositions
SAFEX - Alger - Algérie
Palais des expositions SAFEX - Alger - Algérie

Agro-Eco Forum

International Forum on Agroecology, Horticultural Environment, innovative mechanization and renewable resources.

07>10 October 2019 – Exhibition Center – SAFEX ALGERIA

Will be held alongside the SIPSA-FILAHA show.

Alongside the SIPSA-FILAHA 2019, the largest livestock and agroequipment show in Africa, which will be held from Monday 07th till Thursday, October 10th at the exhibition center – SAFEX Algiers, the Filaha Foundation, in collaboration with the technical institutes and the professionals of the sector, organizes the International Forum of Agroecology, Horticultural Environment and Sustainable Development « AGRO-ECO ».

AGRO-ECO is the International forum for agroecology, organic and family farming, horticultural environment and green space for sustainable development.

AGRO-ECO is a place for dialogue between actors involved in agroecology, organic and terroir farming, agritourism and the enhancement of the environment of natural spaces in urban and peri-urban areas (municipalities, institutions, people in charge of public gardens, nurseries, horticulturists…) to address the problems encoutered in this sector and come up with recommendations and solutions.

Themes addressed within the forum

Theme 1. Agro écologie et semences

Theme 2. Agroforestry in a desert environment, inventiveness of Alferian oasis systems and duplication of these systems for and efficient farming under trees.

Theme 3. Water and energy saving, fundamental prerequisites for a sustainable agriculture.

Theme 4. FAMP (Fragrant, aromatic and medicinal plants), outlooks for the development of the sector in Algeria.

Theme 5. Short circuit, majoer level for the revival of a sustainable Algerian Agriculture.

Theme 6. Greend spaces in urban areas, an economic value not to neglect.

Key dates to remember

15 August 2019: Deadline for submission of communication proposals (abstracts)

05 September 2019: Response of the Scientific Committee

10 September 2019 : Filing of full articles for MAGVET publications (for the most interesting sumbissions)

The abstracts, in a word document should be sent electronically to:  and 

Papers will be submitted for and evaluation by the Scientific Committee. The deadline for submission of proposals is August 15th, 2019. The authors of the selected papers will be informed before September 5th, 2019 by email. Only two papers will be published on MAGVET. The scientific Committee will be informing the concerned authors in order to write the complete articles. 

Participate of the AGRO-ECO Forum

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